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I'd love to support you with

the development of your value-based marketing and communications strategy
the creation of your logo and your corporate identity suite
your website and landing page designs

I support female entrepreneurs with the creation of authentic marketing collateral - both, online and offline.

I can help you with:

development of your value-based marketing strategy
design of your logo and development of your brand ID
design of your website
design of your social media collateral (such as headers and posts)
concept, design and coordination of th production of your marketing material ( e.g. workbooks, worksheets, brochures, flyers, postcards, give-aways and many more)
Creative copy writing and storytelling concepts
product design (card decks, books, product packaging)


has a creative potential -

the moment you stop comparing yourself to "the others" and start trusting in your very own

authenticity, that's when the

magic happens and your clients can see your light shining bright and actually find their way to you.

Rebecca d'Almeida

owner of Zensationelle


Hi there, 

welcome to my website, great to have you here.


What does Zensationelle stand for? Well, as you can probably see, it includes the word ZEN. This is, because I dedicate my work to women, who rock pretty much everything, whilst keeping their ZENergy in line. 

In my opinion, there is absolutely no need to keep comparing ourselves to the outside - how the others seem to be faster or more successful offering a similar service to ourselves. 

It's about time to relax and trust in your very own special gift. In fact, YOU are the gift to the world with your uniqueness and your authenticity. It's time to be yourself and trust that there are enough clients out there for you.

So, are you ready to get the ball rolling and bring your business idea to life? Fantastic - then I would feel honoured to offer you my creative support.


I've been working within the International marketing and communications industry for over 17 years now.


It is my absolute passion to put all my heart and love for detail into creatively visualising my client's business ideas and telling their stories in a way that appeals to their target audience.


The most important ingredients for your unique strategy are your top 5 key values. Together we will precisely define and assess these values of yours as a fundament for your creative collateral.


Are you curious to find out more about my work? All right then! I am looking forward to hearing from you. Let's schedule our first brainstorming call now - non-binding and free of charge.

warm regards,

Rebecca d' Almeida

owner of Zensationelle



It's non-binding and free of charge.
Get clarity on how I can best support you.

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500 €*

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1,544 €*

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*All prices excl. VAT and  cost of third-party service providers such as printers or programmers. I will deliver artwork, strategies and creative copies.

** Development of your unique marketing strategy based on your top 5 key values

Logo Design

Corporate Identity Suite

(incl. design of your business card, letterhead, e-mail footer)

1 x Website design (max. 5 subpages)

1 x Social media collection

(incl. Header images, post templates)



Logo Design

Corporate Identity Suite

(incl. design of your business card, letterhead, e-mail footer)

1 x Flyer Design (double-sided)



Logo Design

Corporate Identity Suite

(incl. design of your business card, letterhead, e-mail footer)

1 x Landing page design (1 pager)

Social media header (max. 2)

1 x marketing tool (e.g. postcard, or worksheet max. 4 pages, 1 x infographic, and many more) talk to me about your ideas.